News Stories

Three Generations of Mentoring: Ed, Cliff, and Aiden
November 30, 2015
In 2012, Clifford (“Cliff”) Brown came home from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan.  Tired and weary, but hopeful and energized about being home, Cliff wanted to find a way to fill his time productively and in a meaningful way. He discovered that one way to fill his newfound time was to volunteer and give back, as he knew firsthand the value that a caring, committed volunteer can bring...
The BIG Thank You was a BIG Success
November 9, 2015
It was great to see everyone at the BIG Thank You on November 5th! We had the opportunity to say thank you to many of the friends and partners who make our programs possible. The BIG Thank You was a night to remember! We had over 100 friends and partners in attendance. Crompton Collective was a beautiful venue and our guests had the opportunity to shop around the unique store...
New Mentor Spotlight: Colin Brown
October 29, 2015
BBBS CM/MW is excited to be starting a new program in Southbridge with volunteer mentors from Nichols College.  We have worked hard over the last year to raise funds and get this program up and running.  Colin is a new mentor who will be volunteering at the YMCA in Southbridge this fall. Colin realized he was passionate about volunteering when he was 15 helping around the office at a...
Amelia Peabody Foundation Challenges BBBS CM/MW to Raise Funds for College Mentor Program
October 8, 2015
The Amelia Peabody Foundation, which has been providing our agency funding for the College Mentor Program for 10 years, has challenged us and our former Bigs with a matching gift. If we can raise $20,000 this year to support our College Mentor Program, they will give us an additional $20,000. These funds have never been more critical to sustaining the service we offer and being in a position to...