The Paths Littles took to Realize Their Potential

Thank you for your interest in enrolling a child! To enroll a child with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest, click on the button below for the appropriate program of interest or call our office at 508-752-7868. We are currently enrolling children between the ages of 8-16.

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Can you spare an hour a week to be a friend to a child? Reach out to Big Brothers Big Sisters to see how you can help. We’re working to #LiftUpLittles, and need 250 adults just like you to be mentors. Here’s what one of our longtime volunteers says:

“If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, if you’re a fun person and you like to interact and go out and have ice cream and go to the zoo, you’ll figure it out. You will be able to match with them and make a difference.”- Jeff Swanberg, Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor for eight years

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When Kira Warren met her “Little” match, Serenity was 7 years old. Now, she’s taller than her mentor by about 6 inches. “Once you meet the kid you’ll be working with, that’s where it changes,” says Kira.

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What Framingham Police Chief Lester Baker likes about Big Brothers Big Sisters:

“The relentless follow-up. They’re constantly providing outlets, activities, tickets to sporting events, simple arts and crafts. It’s not just, ‘Hey, sign up here, make a donation, we’ll talk to you in five years.’ They’re constantly in contact. They are what they say they are. They’re totally committed.”

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We’re taking a new approach to helping kids, working to #LiftUpLittles across the region. Volunteer your time, share your story about mentorship, or give a gift to support our mentors as they work to build strength and resilience against discrimination and fear. Invest in our kids today at