Meet Our Staff

Meet our Staff


Jeffrey Chin
Chief Executive Officer, returned from deployment - December, 2018

Jackie Lyon
Director of Operations

Lindsay McCarthy
Marketing and Special Events Manager

Joy Monopoli
Office Manager



Rachel Constanzo
Senior Program Director

Sean Cooney
Program Manager, Marlborough Mazie Program

Ana De la Torre
Corporate Interview / Match Support Specialist

Courtney Evans
Metrowest Regional Program Director

Yarimar Figueroa
Interview/Match Support Specialist (Site Based Programs)

Alicia Lewis
Interview/Match Support Specialist (Community Mentoring Programs)

Robyn Lilly
Interview/Match Support Specialist (Site Based Programs)

Kerry Metcalf
Mentoring Program Assistant

Alex Navarro
Interview/Match Support Specialist (Community & Site Based Programs)

Katie Roy
Assistant Director of Worcester Area College Mentoring Programs