Monthly Match

Kaden and Andrew

Matched 2016

Kaden is a 9 year old in the 3rd grade at Flagg Street Elementary School in Worcester, MA. When Kaden was introduced to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program he was a very rambunctious child, was a bit of a bully and struggled with his grades and homework; it was clearly evident that Kaden was in need of a mentor.

Kaden was introduced to his Big Brother Andrew, a student at Assumption College, in the fall of 2016. Andrew suffers from anxiety which causes him to have a profound stutter. At their first match meeting Andrew sat Kaden down and explained to him the reasons behind his stutter and that it was not a laughing matter, but how they could have a normal mentor-mentee relationship despite his verbal setbacks.

Kaden and Andrew have been matched well over a year now and the changes in Kaden’s behavior have been drastic. Kaden has been getting along with his peers much better than he did before he was matched with Andrew, he works on partner projects in the classroom very well and he has a group of friends now who he likes to play with at recess. Kaden’s teachers told Big Brothers Big Sisters staff that he has done a complete 180 degree turn from where he was last year; he always completes his homework on time and is putting much more effort into his school work.

This match experience has also given Andrew a considerable amount of confidence. Andrew has always wanted to work in a youth serving organization but didn’t think the kids would respond well due to his speech impediment. Andrew has really made a point to focus on hard work and kindness while he is with Kaden and it has been really paying off.