Monthly Match

Jon & Carter

Matched 2012

Carter never knew his dad. At 2-years old, a judge ruled that Carter’s mother was unfit to care for him due to drug addiction. His grandmother took custody at that time. Now 11, all Carter wanted was a father figure in his life.

Jon is the father of three children who are all fully grown and have completed college. He was looking to give back. Together they became a perfect match!

They fly model rockets, fish, climb mountains and hike, shoot hoops, and many times simply sit and talk. With Jon, Carter caught his first fish, hiked his first mountain, and flew his first model rocket. In addition to all the fun they have, Carter has had the chance to experience opportunities he would not have without Jon. Together they regularly work on Carter’s homework so Carter gets the support he needs to succeed in school. As Carter’s grandmother describes it, Carter now is getting “great, great marks in school!”

Jon provides the commitment and trust that Carter wanted so desperately. Now Carter counts on Jon for so many important moments of his life. As Carter puts it, “I can’t imagine life without Jon in it. I’ve done so many things with him, had so many first experiences, he’s the everything guide for me.”