MySTEM Program


MySTEM Program
Mentoring Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 


Our MySTEM Program aims to inspire our youth to engage in STEM subjects in a safe and fun way, to enrich our already existing matches, and to draw in new volunteers and partners interested in the STEM field. 

We provide STEM activity ideas and kits, site programs, traveling demonstrations, and partnerships with STEM corporations and professionals to augment the proven work of BBBS. 


Upcoming Events:

Visit Tufts Veterinary School - May 6

10 matches will get the chance to come to the Tufts Veterinary campus in Grafton to meet the students, hear about veterinary careers, and meet the cast of creatures living on their working farm.

GREAT Sundays - Sundays 2-4

Come to the Hopkinton YMCA to have a day of outdoor fun and learning. Trail walks and games are freely available if you mention your'e with BBBS, orienteering and archery also available for a fee.

Hour of Code - Ongoing

Visit to find a number of 1-hour activities you and your Little can do on your own time to learn about coding and computer science. No experience needed! 


For more, see the Events Calendar


Photo Highlights:


Noah shows off his DNA he extracted                                 Matches at Girls Inc. in Worcester had a
with the help of scientists at Sanofi                                    great time making slime out of household
Genzyme in Framingham.                                                  products.


Matthew (L) and Dan Gyllstrom (R)                                   Matches got to go to Intel in Hudson
programmed their own animations at                                 where they learned about circuits using 
Funtuation Tekademy.                                                      Makey Makey kits and the expertise of Intel


Activity Highlights:


Chemical Reaction Snowman

Using baking soda, salt, soap, and vinegar you can build your own snowman, and melt him away in a fun, foamy reaction. Fun for all ages, and the materials are all in your kitchen!


Make Your Own Fossil

All you'll need is flour, salt, coffee, and some items to "fossilize" impressions of! Follow the link for instructions provided by the Museum of Science.

Follow up questions: Where might you find fossilized impressions? What substrate is more likely to form a trace fossil: mud, sand, rock, or grass? What fossilized evidence do you think future scientists will find from us?

For more, see our STEM Kits and other Ideas.