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Belmont Earthquakes - April 2016

Matches at the Belmont Street Community School with WPI students were able to test out their chops as structural engineers. Using very limited materials, such as popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and paperclips, matches were challenged to build a structure that would stay safe in an earthquake. In testing on our shake table, matches learned about engineering design, about shapes that make structures stronger, and about how the first try isn’t always the best (and how that’s okay!).  Lots of smiles to be had, and a few kids even decided that they had what it took to be engineers in the future!


Egg Drop at Canterbury - April 2016

Matches at Canterbury Street School engineered their way to safe eggs! Matches were challenged to only use 2 items, 2 pieces of tape, and 4 rubber bands to protect an egg falling from 7 feet. Though not all of the solutions worked, everyone had a great time and were able to learn about how to use both positive and negative results to learn about how to solve a problem.


Clark Matches at the Museum of Science - March 2016

Over 40 matches from Worcester descended on the Museum of Science to explore!  Our Bigs from Clark University are matched with students at Goddard School and Woodland Academy in Main South Worcester. We had fun learning about light, sound, the brain, the galaxies, animals, and so much more. Our Littles were excited to learn in ways that they don’t usually get inside their classroom. Thanks to Staples and EMC for providing the tickets to this event, and to Clark for supporting the bus from Worcester to Boston.



Slime at NUCafe - March 2016

Community matches came together to make ooey, gooey slime at NUCafe in Worcester.  We spent the evening learning about polymer chemistry, exploring how to ask scientific questions, and getting to know each other in a new context. Many Bigs were excited and sometimes surprised to see creativity and curiosity their Littles displayed, taking the lead on new experiments to do together. Thanks to NUCafe for the space and delicious cookies!

Colorful STEM at TJX - March 2016

TJX Bigs with Whitcomb Middle School Littles investigated solubility, density, and capillary action in these colorful activities. To make fireworks in a jar, we mix oil and food coloring and pour it carefully into water. Chromatography involves moving marker ink around a coffee filter using just the motion of water.



Acids and Bases at Southbridge YMCA - March 2016

We do monthly STEM activities at our new Southbridge YMCA program. This week, a few of the Littles came in huffing and puffing about how much they disliked science. By the end of the activities, though, everyone had a smile and many of those same Littles asked when we would get to more experiments. This time we built baking soda snowmen and melted them with vinegar, and also expanded balloons attached to bottles filled with reacting baking soda and vinegar.

**Pictures and video in 2016>STEM>Balloon on a Bottle & Snowman, March 3rd (Southbridge YMCA)



Global Day of the Engineer - February 2016

February 24th is Global Day of the Engineer, a day promoting the difference that engineers are making in the world. To celebrate, Clark Bigs and Woodland Academy Littles built structures, and tested how they would survive an earthquake on a homemade shaketable.  The materials for this event were kindly provided by WGBH’s Design Squad, who facilitated Global Day of the Engineer activities all over the state!


Disappearing Snowmen at Belmont - February 2016

At the Belmont Street Community School in Worcester, matches gather in the teacher’s lounge for some chemistry fun. We explored acids and bases by building snowmen out of baking soda, and melting them down with vinegar. We made observations about the difference in temperature during the reaction. Of course, we decorated our snow men for an extra dose of creativity!


Slime at Southbridge YMCA - February 2016

Everyone loves this polymer chemistry activity, so we brought it down to our newest program at the YMCA in Southbridge, MA.  Matches were able to ask questions and devise their own experiments to explore further.


Lego Robot Day - January 2016

The experienced educators at Funutation Tekademy in Westboro helped our matches build and program their own robot in this fun event. Free play led to ball-shooting robots, robots that went forward until they hit an object, or robots that we could control with a remote!



Community Holiday Party - December 2015

Matches who attended the holiday party had a chance to learn about chemical reactions by building a baking soda snowman, and melting him away with vinegar. This activity is a ton of fun, and one you can easily do at home in your kitchen!



Day of Code - December 2015

The Funutation Tekademy in Westborough introduced our matches to programming by using MIT's Scratch software. We created animations and learned the basics of how to learn to think in computer languages!



Catapult building - December 2015

Matches at the Marlborough and Framingham Boys and Girls Clubs as well as TJX built and tested their designs for marshmallow launching catapults built from popsicle sticks. Energy and the engineering process were foci of these fun days.


Slime! - November 2015

Using glue, borax, and some creativity, matches at Girls Inc. in Worcester and Lilja Elementary School made a slimy compound. Learning centered on chemical reactions and hypothesis testing.


BBBS Harvest Festival - October 2015

Alongside apple picking, pumpkin painting, and other autumn activities, our community matches had fun discovering nature around them through scavenger hunts and leaf rubbings. 


Touch Tomorrow - June 2015

STEMPlay debuted at the WPI Touch Tomorrow Festival. Marshmallows flew as we demo'ed our catapult building STEM kit.


Discovery Museums Traveling Presentation - May  2015

Matches who meet at the Framingham Boys and Girls Club were invited to investigate vibration and sound through a program presented by the excellent educators from the Discovery Museums.  For more photos, see the album here!


Intel Hosted Engineering Day - February 2015

Matches came together to learn about the engineering process in an event hosted by Intel.