MySTEM Ideas



Online Resources:

Pinterest can be a great resource for fun, DIY STEM activities. Try this one, or any of the dozens of other boards devoted to STEM fun. 

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids 239 Cool Sites including fun facts, activities, contests, camps, career advice, and anything else you might be looking for!

iHomeschool Network has any number of activities, including STEM, which are easily done at home.

100 Awesome STEM Resources from Amy at Milk and Cookies Blog

100 Super-Fun STEM Resources for Kids by Colleen at Raising Lifelong Learners

STEM Resources from Technology Education



Science Kids has all kinds of fun science games and activities, great for 3rd-5th graders.

STEM Activities for Middle Schoolers with a Special Focus on Girls from IVCC

Neuroscience for Kids

Skills for various industries from

STEM in Sports

Ask Dr. Universe - Q & A's for all of life's most burning STEM questions, asked by kids around the world.

Interactive is a free computer game for learning in all sorts of STEM realms.


Bending light - Learn how to bend light using just water in a clear container.

A2Z Physics for Kids Links to all sorts of fun physics activities and learning opportunities.

Astronomy Projects from


Chemistry Projects from

Science Fair Project Ideas from Science Buddies


Biologist Skills from


National Ecological Observatory Network has a great Citizen Science Academy that allows any interested person to help collect data on the nation's ecosystems!

100+ Ideas for Nature Study from Cindy at Our Journey Westward

100 Things to do Before, During, or After a Nature Walk from Jimmie at Jimmie's Collage


Technology & Engineering

Scratch - Free coding program produced by MIT. Learn how to talk to computers simply with their drag-and-drop interface. No one is too young or too old to play with this software.

Coding from - Learn to make apps, or learn the basics of how computers think.

Engineering Go For It! - Links to everything from news to career advice on becoming an engineer

DiscoverE - Fun activities celebrating Engineering. They also have free volunteer kits available to learn about being an engineering mentor.

100 Learning Resources for Kids Who Want to be Game Designers and Programmers from Aadel from These Temporary Tents

100 Engineering Projects for Kids from Marci and The Homeschool Scientist

100 LEGO Learning Printables from Renee at Great Peace Academy

Aviation Careers from Learn How to Become


Fun math activities from

100 Living Math Activities from Cindy at Our Journey Westward

Museums etc.

Free tickets to the Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, Zoo New England and many others are provided to anyone with a Boston Public Library card.

All of our Littles are eligible for a free membership to the Discovery Museums in Acton. 

The website from San Francisco's famous Exploratorium has all kinds of fun activities. So does the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Check out NASA's info for young learners.