Ted Talk Videos

Ted Talk Videos

Be inspired by these motivational speakers from around the world as they talk about the field of mentoring.




Mentors: Through Research, in Practice, and on Reality TV | Kimberly Griffin | TEDxUMaryland

“I really started wondering what mentoring was and what mentoring wasn’t, and how we really bring about the best outcomes in the people we want to help.”


The Power of Mentoring: Lori Hunt at TEDxCCS

“Studies out of John Hopkins suggest that when adults mentor young people, there’s an effect on the ability to prevent and delay declining brain function. There’s something about mentoring that just makes you feel good.”

How Mentoring Can Reshape Our Communities | Brit Fitzpatrick | TEDxJackson

“I met my first mentor what I was 6 years old. Her name was Star.”

Failure and the Importance of mentors | Patrick Boland | TEDxYouth@TheSpire

“There’s a guy called Odysseus, and he went off to fight the Trojan war, and he had a son called Telemacchus. And before he left his kingdom, he left his son under the care of a guardian. And this guardian was to instruct him, to guide him, to support him, to encourage him from being a boy a moving onto being an adult. And that man’s name was Mentor.”